Regrettably, there will always be those that are willing to take advantage of others or who are willing to make representations that are simply not true.  At Freidin & Inglis we strongly suggest that you have a lawyer review any significant investment you intend to make before it is too late.  After all, consumer protection starts with you.

If, however, you have already made an investment or purchase and now believe you were deceived into making the purchase or investment, we may be able to help.

Levelling The Playing Field

A real estate agent may be the only person that a property purchaser or seller has contact with in the context of a transaction.  By the same token, a business broker may be the only person that the buyer or seller of a business deals with throughout the transaction.  Unfortunately, when a realtor or a business broker represents both parties, it can be problematic as the agent or broker may place their own best interests in front yours.  It is important to have your own counsel guiding you through the process to shift the balance of power back equally among the parties where it belongs.

Not all real estate agents or business brokers are experts, so they themselves may not even fully understand the implications of entering into an agreement before you are aware of all your rights and obligations.  Proactive planning, though, guided by the advice of a knowledgeable attorney, can save you money down the line and can protect your rights should a dispute occur.

At Freidin & Inglis we can conduct the due diligence needed to “sniff out” any deceptive sale practices and consumer fraud.  Consumer protection extends to business investors, and we help our clients think of an investment in a clear-headed manner, thinking through high pressure and deceptive sales tactics.  Our attorneys can help clients who are considering purchasing a business as well, and we will call in forensic accountants to review the books if necessary.