The attorneys of Freidin & Inglis help builders, contractors, homeowners and businesses when agreements are breached due to construction defects.  We are a solution-oriented law firm:  Some cases need to be litigated; other cases can be solved through a phone call or settlement conference.  Although we are always prepared to go to court on a client's behalf, our lawyers will always look for the simplest, most efficient way to solve our clients' legal issues.

Help for Homeowners

As the purchaser, you want to make sure your new home or renovation project is done to code.  Not only does the construction project need to be structurally sound, but there are other considerations for concern:  moisture, water penetration, structural damage, ceiling collapse, water damage and mold, which can damage the home and your health.

Help for Builders, Contractors, Subcontractors and Material Providers

As the builder or contractor, you feel you have done your job, and the owner is simply not paying for the work.  They are claiming faulty construction, but they are not the experts.  We can put liens on the property or we can look for other ways to get your customer to stick to their end of the bargain. You have tradespeople and subcontractors to pay.  Let us help.