When it comes to forming a new business, the excitement of getting it started can get in the way of long-term planning.  Just as many lawyers advise clients to sign a prenuptial before getting married, Freidin & Inglis, P.A. advises a solid business entity contract that sets forth the basis of our client's overall business goals.

Because we have CPA experience and a combined 50 years of legal experience, our lawyers can help clients ask questions they may not think to ask:  What are the tax ramifications of forming this business?  If we form a partnership, do we need to include a buy-sell agreement?  What exactly is a limited liability company (LLC) and how does it differ from a general partnership or an S Corp?

By ironing out the details of a business formation plan, we help our clients avoid situations later on. Creating an operating agreement today means our clients have an enforceable legal document that can be referred to in settling a dispute later on, if necessary.

In our experience, we have found that small businesses can benefit from this just as much as big businesses.  Over the years we have helped many businesses at the inception phase and are still their law firm of choice today.

General Counsel

We provide long-term general counsel services for small business, including contract negotiation, drafting and review; and operating and shareholder agreements. When you hire us as your General Counsel, you know that you will get the same commitment to excellence we have made to our law firm extended to your business. Over the years, we have established long-term relationships with many successful small businesses in Southwestern Florida. Clients can count on our experience and commitment to cost-effective solutions and the added value we can bring to their business.